My name is Annie. I like to make interesting images, usually with film, but I don't discriminate. You can contact me here:



Columbia College Chicago, 2005-2009 BFA in Photography                                                                           -Completed 4 years of training in technical and artistic aspects of photography                     -Completed 4 years of interdisciplinary study in the fine arts -Created and showed bodies of photography throughout the 4 years spent at school                         Costa Rica TEFL, June - July 2014 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language                     -Completed 160 hours of TEFL training (including classroom management, lesson planning, teaching techniques and  methodology.                     -Planned and effectively delivered over 12 hours of observed teaching practice -Demonstrated excellence in creating a fun and respectful environment for learning, planning effective lessons, implementing activities that made sense, utilized multiple intelligence learning skills and helped the students fully understand the target language, and classroom management techniques.

Relevant Work Experience

Freelance photographer/retoucher 2009 - present -photo editor for Lily Szabo Photography -photographer for Event Creative, Chicago, IL -photo assistant for Peter Barreras Photography at Leo Burnett’s 75th Anniversary Party, Chicago, IL -photographer for Recycled Rockstar Industries, Kansas City, MO -photo assistant for Jeff Evrard Photography for Faction Magazine, Kansas City, MO -event photographer at The Gusto Lounge/Topshelf, Kansas City, MO Samples Coordinator at Eddie Bauer, Bellevue, WA March 2018 -Responsibilities included unboxing, hanging and keeping track of clothing items for the upcoming photoshoot. Photo intern for ALIVE Magazine October 2011 – December 2011. I photographed these events: Top Chefs: All American Throwdown (The Battle for Best Burger in St. Louis), Macy’s Kickoff to Zootini Party and Fashion Show, St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum’s CAM Nights, Alive Magazine’s Most Wanted Party, behind the scenes of the BuzzList of influential St. Louisans photo shoot, Sips in the City, and an editorial about The Dailey Method. Intern for Jordan Schulman Summer of 2008, Chicago, IL -I made and organized contact sheets, scanned, retouched, and helped program DePaul University’s art department’s computers. Teacher’s assistant in the Department of Photography at Columbia College Chicago -I assisted Darkroom 1 (analog black and white using stock chemistry), Darkroom 2 (analog color), and Darkroom 3 (advanced black and white using powders to create different developers each week) at Columbia College Chicago September 2007 – May 2009. -Responsibilities included setting up the darkroom, mixing chemistry, guiding students to the right printing choices and helping them learn why they were making those choices, talking to the teacher about lesson plans and helping the teacher with anything they needed me to do. Work aid in the equipment cage of the Department of Photography at Columbia College Chicago, May 2007- May 2009. -Responsibilities included opening the lab (setting up all the black and white darkrooms, turning on the color processor), answering the phone, checking out equipment, helping students print, or with other problems, cleaning the entire darkroom, mixing chemistry, diagnosing camera/enlarger problems and solving them.

Awards & Exhibits ArtUp Phinneywood Phestivus & Artwalk at Coindexter's, Seattle, WA, December 2018 Intimo/Erotico, Casa 916, Concepcion, Chile, March 2017 Maker’s Mart in Chicago, April 2017 We The People SD, San Diego, CA, January 2017 Group show at Valpacker's Hostal, April 25, 2015, Valparaíso, Chile Winner in 1st 2015 showcase, Artslant, March 2015 Pop up Addis, May 9, 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Purchase Award from Columbia College Chicago, May 2009, Chicago, IL BFA Photography Exhibit, Columbia College Chicago, May 2009, Chicago, IL Global Print, Columbia College Chicago, March 2009, Chicago, IL 300 Dollars Richer, The Happy Collaborationist’s, September 2008, Chicago, IL The Red Floors Gallery, September 2008, Chicago, IL The Red Floors Gallery, August 2008, Chicago, IL ArtXposium, September 2007, Chicago, IL

Publications -Guerilla Zine, Edición 12, March 2017 -ARTiculaction contemporary art review special edition 2016 -Artslant 1st 2015 showcase, March 2015 -Punk News Saturday Photo Feature, October 2014 -Punk News Saturday Photo Feature, September 2014 -Raison d'Etre: volume 1 - issue 1 spring 2014 (in print and digital formats) -San Diego Uptown News, “Size Matters”, July 5th, 2013 -Marco Polo Arts Magazine X page, September 2012 -The Insider’s Guide to Midtown Mayhem Centerfold Poster, Spring 2010, Kansas City, MO -Faction Magazine, March 2010, Kansas City, MO -The Happy Collaborationist’s cover of the first issue, now located in the Smithsonian Institute Library, September 2008, Chicago, IL

Curatorial “Campfire Party” by Patrick Gordon, & and & gallery, June 2012, St. Louis, MO “Lost Findings” by Efrén Arcoiris,& and & gallery, January/February 2012, St. Louis, MO “Get Up, Get On Up” by Nice One, & and & gallery, December 2011, St. Louis, MO